Young Moguls — 14 July 2011
Brandi Harvey & Karli Harvey:Making A Difference

Brandi Harvey and Karli Harvey are among the most recognized and admired young women today.  Now 28, they have emerged as powerful figure heads in the world of business and as style influencers.  Their leadership and authentic nature has influenced thousands of girls and young women who admire their fearless attitude and business success.

As founder of Young Fit & Fly, Brandi Chief Executive Officer and Karli Artistic Director are entrepreneurs, motivational speakers, and media mavens. As they continue to impact and mentor young women on the importance of health and wellness  the company continues to garner support within the community and amongst fellow industry leaders.








These two YM’s have created a brand that women identify with; they represent female empowerment and self-determination, when in their presence a young woman feels empowered.

On the surface they exzude poise and grace, but at their core these two women have an unshakeable belief in their ability to succeed and a ruthless dedication to the advancement of women. Perhaps the secret to their success stems from their childhood.  Raised in a traditional two parent household Steve Harvey and Marcia Harvey instilled the belief that hard work, discipline and education are the keys to the American Dream.

There was never a question of Brandi and Karli unwavering devotion as they continue to carve out a company where women can achieve greatness; these self-assured women have garnered a strong base of education and experience, which they blend with interpersonal skills to get ahead. Please continue to read Brandi Harvey and Karli Harvey Blue Print to Success below.



Q: Can you give our Young Mogul readers a little background on yourself and company?

A: That is an interesting story Karli and I returned home from school one year and our father said you two are getting fluffy, we’re looking at one another trying to figure out what fluffy meant. Finally grasping that the term fluffy meant Karli and I were gaining weight, we changed our eating habits and began a workout regimen, soon after we spoke at a leadership seminar at Clark Atlanta University about the importance of image and success and how the two go hand in hand. During the seminar we scanned the room and realized many of the women no longer looked fresh faced, they were out of shape and appeared tired.  After the seminar Young Fit & Fly was born, we believe that effective people see a problem and find a solution. Initially the company started off as a health movement to encourage women to workout, but as we met with more women the company developed into so much more.

Q: As the Owners of YFF and formerly Assistant Director of your fathers Steve Harvey organization you work with young people daily. Who are the next generation of Young Moguls/Entrepreneurs?

A: We feel that the next generation of YM’s are those who touch the lives of others. I don’t feel it’s the individual coming up with the next product or hot beat but the person who realizes our country is in such a critical state and how disconnected from one another we are. This person sees the importance of giving back so that others can live a better life. My sister and I meet celebs all the time but those who stand out are those who are giving of themselves. 

Q: What are the most critical things you have done to grow your business?

A: We partnered with a school in Clayton County school district, which garnered us, an award “Top Partner with A School System”. The success with Clayton County afforded us the opportunity to partner with the city of Atlanta to develop a leadership academy, working with young girls at the Center of Hope. The program is thanks to our new mayor who promised to reopen the community centers.

Q: What are the future expectations of YFF and how will you achieve your expectations?

A: Our parent company is called “Harvey Girl Enterprises”, the goal is to continue with YFF and expand the brand on a national level by taking our empowerment rallies on the road, while entering new areas of media and fashion. We also want to focus on programs that unite mother and daughter. A relationship between mother and daughter is so important because our mother taught us how to be confident well rounded women, while always remembering to serve the needs of Gods people.

Q: What has been your biggest career highlight?

A: When young women and girls send emails thanking us for coming to speak at their school telling us how our words impacted their lives and gave them a renewed motivation. In addition to the many thanks we receive, Atlanta recognized me as a Power Entrepreneur and the opportunity to speak to girls in Forest City, Arkansas a place that is sometimes forgotten.

Q: What makes Brandi Harvey and Karli Harvey Young Moguls?

A: Being a Young Mogul has nothing to do with money but recognizing your power. Knowing your power can impact and change the lives of others. Karli and I know that we were meant to motivate and inspire women.

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  1. Congrats Sorors! What you’re doing is not only needed and necessary, but much appreciated!!

  2. Ever article that we have read is so interesting. We would like to know how can my mother and I, how can we become part of the Young Fit and Fly Academy. You care and it really shows. Please advise.

  3. I am listening to you speak at the mindless behavior concert and am very impressed. Would you you be interested in coming out to my school, Bear Creek Middle School, Fairburn, Ga to speak to our girls.

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